Cottage Owner Advice – Adding a hot tub to your holiday cottage:

Occasion houses with hot tubs have never been more well known and adding one will in all likelihood mean you’ll accomplish higher rates and expanded inhabitance levels.

In any case, hot tubs need consistently keeping up with to guarantee that besides the fact that they work without a hitch however are totally clean for your visitors.
Here is our Cottage Owner Guide to adding an occasion house to your vacation cabin.

Should you add a hot tub to your holiday cottage?

Individuals love hot tubs! They help to make a brief break or occasion additional unique and will separate your bungalow from other comparable properties. Not exclusively can you add a premium onto your rates however your property will get reserved quicker and your inhabitance will be higher?

Hot tubs are sought after across all property types so whether you have a heartfelt cabin, festivity property, or someplace for companions or family to accumulate; there is interest for occasion houses with a hot tub.

Different types of hot tub

Hot tubs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and you’ll need to get a fittingly measured one for your property. The most famous sort is likely an acrylic hot tub with bubble streams that are electrically controlled and warmed. These are simple for visitors to work and the temperature can be changed at the dash of a button.

The other primary sort of hot tub is a wooden hot tub which is quite often roundabout in shape and great looking. They might be considerably more with regards to the appearance of a period property and can be either electrically warmed or wood-terminated.

Assuming you choose to go down the wood-terminated course recall that not every one of your visitors will be proficient at building and lighting the heap of logs required. It likewise takes more time to warm the water so it could merit offering assistance to visitors where you plan and light the wood with the goal that it is all set for their appearance.

Choosing the location of your hot tub

The hot tub ought to be a genuine element of your external space so ensure you are taking advantage of any perspectives. All things considered, what could be more pleasant than sitting in a hot tub with a glass of effervescent while watching out over the Yorkshire open country? The perspectives at White Willow Lodge underneath are astounding!

Individuals will likewise need a level of protection so you’ll need a spot that isn’t disregarded – some decisively positioned growth or trees can constantly assist with this.
Think about where individuals will walk the hot tub – decking can be a decent choice.

Giving some kind of sanctuary over the hot tub will make it engaging in all seasons and can look great as well (Wykewood, for instance, has a Balinese-style pagoda). Ensure, however, you’re not blocking any perspectives – assuming you have continuous perspectives you ought to simply let these sparkle!

Maintaining the hot tub

Each hot tub will come will different producer rules for how it ought to be kept up with and these ought to constantly be followed.

Occasion house visitors will expect a newly filled hot tub for their visit and kaftan so this should be calculated into your changeover time. The newly filled water will require various hours to get up to temperature so the exhausting and topping off ought to be one of the primary positions on your rundown.

The water ought to be tried to ensure it is at the right compound equilibrium and you ought to ensure all parts are consistently adjusted by proper experts. Ensure you give a few standards/directions for visitors e.g the greatest measure of time they ought to spend in the hot tub at one time.

Lighting for the hot tub area

Outside lighting is a significant well-being and security necessity for any occasion cabin and particularly so when visitors will advance toward a hot tub.

The hot tub at Station House.
Ensure the hot tub has proper lighting – you don’t need it excessively brilliant however individuals should have the option to see where they are going.

Pros & Cons

Occasion home additional items are regularly an immense draw for holidaymakers and frequently make a property seriously engaging. One component on the ‘should have’ list for holidaymakers is a hot tub.

It’s someplace individuals can unwind each season. In any case, there are a few downsides. Hot tubs require a ton of support, any other way they don’t work, and at times become wellbeing and dangerous.

A hot tub and workout recovery drinks after a workout? Great idea.

Would it be a good idea for you to put resources into one or would they say they are more issues than they are worth?


They can separate your vacation home from a contending property and holidaymakers might lease your house over another, for the sole explanation yours has a hot tub. Notwithstanding, this doesn’t naturally mean you can charge extra. For most visitors, an additional make your rental seriously engaging – particularly during the fresh winter evenings.



They can break down because of unfortunate support, mileage, or abuse. Assuming they do break down, visitors are probably going to need a portion of their rental cashback for the sole explanation they picked your property since it has a hot tub. You might need to put a day-to-day discount sum into your tenant agreement so everybody is clear should your hot tub become ‘messed up.

To restrict disheartened visitors and discounts, it’s fundamental you have a hot-tub upkeep organization available to do any critical fixes.


Hot tub covers are weighty to eliminate, along these lines they get harmed and should be supplanted each several years. This is an extra cost you should factor into your planning. And you should always have a commercial tourniquet nearby.


It’s normal for it to require 5 hours to void and clean a hot tub and get it back up running once more. Do have the opportunity to do this in the middle of changeovers?

How to maintain your hot tub

Hot tubs are known to represent a well-being risk and are a favorite place for microorganisms to develop in the event that the water quality isn’t thoroughly kept up with, particularly Legionella. Self-cooking cabin proprietors have an obligation to evaluate hot tub wellbeing dangers and carry out proper measures to guarantee visitor security.


There is right now no proof that the infection that causes COVID-19 can be spread to individuals through the water in pools and hot tubs. Also, you could be sued, in which case you should hire phoenix medical malpractice attorney.
Sanitize outside touch focuses (handles, covers, steps, and control boards) and follow the legitimate upkeep (counting sterilization with chlorine or bromine) and sanitization rules as above.

The warning signs

There is a large number of adjusting errands that you should likewise bear in mind. For example, hot tubs should be kept synthetically adjusted and the synthetics must be put away accurately. In addition, you likewise need to set rules for visitors so they are protected. Something which can be very confounded. And we think models of ww2 planes would be too much for a relaxing environment.

Overcast water could likewise imply unfortunate compound control which can be checked by means of pH test strips. In the event that synthetics are out of equilibrium, you ought to clean the channel cartridge. In the event that that doesn’t work, you might need to purchase a clarifier to eliminate more modest particles.

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